The "Word" of God

The "Word" of God is not the written word in a scroll or book, nor has it ever been or ever will be a particular man or particular son of man.

To put it in Christian terms, in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In the Word was Life, and the Life was the Light of human beings. It has been ever since, and it will always be. For the Word and the Light of God is made flesh in all men and women born into this world.

Many Christians misunderstand that, or don't know that, and there are many reasons for the misunderstanding.

For example, Psalms 119:160 states: “[Lord] your word is true from the beginning ..." However, God’s “Word” is not what Man speaks or writes. God’s real Word cannot be spoken or written. It is that which was, is, and shall always be. It is the primordial vibration and unspeakable “Word” that is made flesh in all of us.

Of course, other religions use other terms for it. But, the Word and the Light are synonymous with the Lord God by whatever name, for while the Word of God is the original, primordial vibration which is made flesh in all human beings, the Divine Light-Energy of God is the Source of our existence, and the Essence of all life and form. And God is our God, and there is no other.

Our God is the God known as Jehovah or Yahweh, and also known as Brahman, The Absolute Tao, The Great Spirit, Wakan-Tanka, Ahura Mazda, Allah, the Supreme Consciousness, and the Creator, among other names. All those names are for the Holy One, which is not a man nor a son of man, as Moses wrote. And, as Jesus said, no one has ever seen the shape of God. For God is not made in our image. We are made in God’s image, as Children of Light.

Christians who thump their Bible claiming it is the Word of God are wrong. The real Word of God is not written or spoken. It is unspeakable.

The words in the Christian Bible or any other scripture or book were written by those who were only human, and the truth is that no human being has ever been infallible. No human being has ever been perfect, and no human being ever will be infallible or perfect. Not even the most enlightened prophet or sage or avatar or siddha or buddha or christ was perfect or godly. Only God is Godly. Only God is the Holy One, and God was not, is not, and never will be a man, nor a son of man – as every son of man has known and said.

We are put here on earth to learn from our mistakes, individually and collectively, and thus gradually evolve and improve the human condition on earth. But, when we do not learn from history, when we do not learn from our mistakes or the mistakes of others, we repeat them and suffer the consequences. That is why we are in this state of conflict, division, chaos and tribulation.

Words written by human beings, no matter how divinely inspired, are tinged with the opinions, beliefs and cultural traditions of the writer. They always have been and always will be.

For example, Moses, the author of the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament), wrote as if God "spoke" to him and gave him direct instructions. And Abraham is said to have received direct communications from "an angel of God." But, in most cases God gives the gift of revelation as the main medium of communication, even though it is likely that angels of God do occasionally find ways to communicate with those who are deeply sincere in their faith in God. So it is probable that Moses received the gift of realization of what he had to do to lead his people.

But, even so, Moses was not infallible, and his writing was not and is not free of error and personal opinion. It does, however, contain much truth, because anyone who has received truly divine revelations realize universal truths. But, that does not mean they are then perfect or holy. Even the few who have been enabled to have the seven seals of revelation and the seven chakras opened, and were therefore enabled to open God’s Book of Life, were not and are not perfect or holy. But, even though they are only human and fallible, they do know certain things that most people do not know.

The modern son of man knows that because it happened to him. He knows that God "speaks" to us through divine revelation and realization — not through the internal dialogue we have with ourselves in our egocentric thinking process, but through having the enlightening truth "dawn" on us in revelatory realization. That is quite different than the thinking or deductive reasoning we use to arrive at conclusions ourselves. True revelations are a gift, from out of the blue, given to us when we least expect them. And words written to express truths thus received are as close as we can get to communication from God. After all, as David wrote, God’s "tongue is the pen of a ready writer."

But the actual, spiritual Word of God is different. It is eternal, universal, and of the Spirit. Again, it cannot be written or spoken.

The Word of God and the Divine Light of God was in the world in the beginning, and is in the world now. It always has been and it always will be. But egocentric people of the world did not know it, and egocentric people still do not know it. Even though the Word and the Light of God is within, above and around us all, most people do not realize it, because their "eye" is not "single" and of the Spirit, but clouded with the egocentric illusion of duality, and the ego’s concept and judgment of polarity and opposites.

Those who bear witness of the Light of God have "seen with a single eye," and are sent to give their testimony so that all people might believe in the true Light of God, which lights every baby that comes into the world and takes its first breath.

The true witness and servant of God tells you that no one has ever seen God at any time, and no one has ever seen God’s shape. That is what Jesus himself said, because he knew God is not a man, nor a son of man. And yet God is within, above and around every man and every woman. That was known by the greatest writers of the Tanach or Old Testament, and by the greatest and most enlightened prophets, avatars, siddhas, buddhas, christs and sages who founded or enhanced every religion. It is the universal truth.

The Book of Life is God’s book, which contains the record and memory bank of all human beings. It has from the beginning, and it shall always. But it is not of this world, and it is opened only by those who receive God’s greatest gift, which is the opening of the seven seals of revelation and the seven chakras. For those who realize the nature of God are carried away in spirit to that high and holy place where God inhabits eternity, where they witness God and, for an eternal moment, understand what God has written in the Book of Life.

Know this: God is formless, omnipresent and eternal, but is, nevertheless, the Supreme Universal Consciousness which manifests in all form and all life. It is manifested in the most minuscule nano-particle, proton, electron and atom, as it is manifested in our galaxy and universe. It is the microcosm, the macrocosm, and the cosmos. It is all that is, and there is nothing else.

We are in God, and God is in us.

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