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In order for the humble, gentle, kind, peaceful and meek majority of people to inherit the earth and enjoy our birthright, an authentic, truly righteous judgment is needed to correct the political and religious leaders of the world who have brought us to this terrible state of inequity, conflict, division, and tribulation. 

Such a judgment was prophesied by prophets of many religions. But, while it is a divine intervention, it is not as many religious people expected because the fulfillment of real prophecies is not about the rule of one world religion or government, and it has nothing to do with a “holy war” or magic or anything supernatural. It is about truth, love, reason and justice overcoming false beliefs, hate, bigotry and injustice.

The judgment is not to issue commandments, but to counsel and guide humanity to the truth, explain religious prophecies and the nature of God as much as possible, show you things to come, and suggest how we may proceed forward toward a brighter future.

The judgment and the fulfillment of prophecy is about the liberation and empowerment of the people, so that we may finally become the family of religions and races that we are, and the family of governments that will be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, at long last.

However, the promised judgment cannot be imposed upon the world. He who delivered the message does not try to play God or conquering hero or king, nor does he claim divinity or royalty. He is merely a fellow servant and messenger of God, and only human. He merely delivered the message so that it can be seen in a flash, like lightning, by people all over the world. And it is up to the people of the world to recognize and acknowledge it. 

So far not enough people have recognized it, and, as it was foreseen and prophesied, the messenger is rejected by his generation. But that’s not surprising. In fact, it was prophesied and predicted, because neither the messenger nor the judgment he delivered are what people expected. 

Meanwhile, while the messenger is rejected, he and most people in the world suffer many terrible things, the wealthiest few who hold all the wealth and power live luxuriously and palatially, believing that is the natural order of things. In fact, some of the richest few mistakenly believe that they are blessed by God, and that the poor masses are poor because they deserve to be poor.

Consequently, a very wealthy few rule the world and aristocracy, oligarchy and monarchy (including the presidential form of monarchy) is perpetuated as we are steadily prevented from advancing and even pushed backward regarding our social and financial status, as the wealthiest few become more and more powerful and get richer and richer at the expense of everyone else.

That’s why the judgment cannot be lukewarm. It must be strong, firm and righteous, so that it will expose and denounce greedy, bigoted hypocrites who have fought for and gained a grossly unfair and disproportionate amount of personal power, wealth and domain in the world, even as the majority have become increasingly worse off and in jeopardy. 

The judgment will enable the people to put an end to the rule of money. It will render theocracy, oligarchy, aristocracy and all forms of monarchy obsolete, and instead establish actual liberty, democracy, justice, peace and freedom for all humanity. 

The judgment helps us understand that only God the eternal, omnipresent Great Spirit-Parent reigns Sovereign, above all human beings. And it explains that the fulfillment of prophecy is to bring about a reformation of our religions and our governments so that they will use the common wealth for the common good, promote the general welfare, and ensure domestic tranquility, pluralism and freedom of religions, equal rights and opportunities, and justice for all the people.

That is what this comprehensive message and judgment is all about, and it is designed not to condemn, but to educate; not to punish, but to correct; and not to destroy, but to save.

Now, even though the message cites Judeo-Christian scriptural evidence because Christianity is the largest religion in the world and the most powerful, the message is universal in scope and appropriate for all religions. However, because the messenger has declared his prophetic prerogative and mission, religious people dismiss and label his work as heretical, others dismiss it as either naive or wrong, and the rich dismiss it as sour grapes. And this too was expected, and prophesied.

While the messenger is rejected, spiritually blind leaders lead their blind flocks astray, and we are in this state of tribulation because the greatest refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism, and the greatest refuge of a hypocrite is religiosity. And the proud and militant who have claimed that their religion or nation or race or culture is superior to all others, or that their wealth entitles them to rule, are woefully wrong.

The messenger’s mission to deliver his work before him may now be fulfilled, and when enough people get the message he must give up his self-important, judgmental role because he is painfully aware that as he has judged so he has been judged. And even though his work has earned him the right for the message to be read and heard by the nations, he may have to die of natural causes before the message can be widely accepted and recognized for what it is. God only knows.

Whatever the case, please understand that it is the truth, and nothing but the truth, that shall set us free, and the messenger was sent to provide true counsel and liberate and empower you all.

He has delivered the message and sent his work before him, according to prophecy. It is up to the people to recognize and acknowledge it, and begin to act upon it. Then things will begin to change, and as soon as the governments of the nations are of, by and for the people, or are clearly working toward that end, you may see him sing his songs live, if he is still alive.

The Teacher of Righteousness

Before Jesus of Nazareth was born, there were writings speaking of a Teacher of Righteousness. Those writings are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in caves around Qumran.

Scholars believe that some of the scrolls may have been written a generation before Jesus’s generation, and the last ones may have been written about 70 years after his death. They were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. And most scholars conclude they were the work of a Jewish sect called Essenes. It is likely that the Teacher of Righteousness was an Essene, and as is discussed in the article titled The Book of Wisdom, we believe he was a wise Jewish Sage called Hillel the Elder.

Hillel was of the generation of Mary and Joseph, the mother and father of Jesus of Nazareth, and we believe they also were Essenes, and very familiar with Hillel’s teachings.

We believe that is why there are many similarities between Hillel’s teachings and the actual teachings of Jesus. For example, Hillel taught peaceful patience, humbleness, humility, gentleness, kindness and meekness, and he said the Torah could be summarized by this simple bit of advice: "What is hateful to you, do not unto your fellow man." And that, of course, was paraphrased later by Jesus of Nazareth, who said "Do unto others as you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

Hillel said: "Do not judge your neighbor until you have put yourself in his place," and Jesus said: "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned," for "as you sow, so shall you reap."

In fact, Jesus adopted Hillel’s attitudes because Hillel was open and cordial in his discourse with Gentiles, and he emphasized the spirit of the law over the letter of the law, and he had great compassion for the poor. In doing that, Jesus demonstrated the distinctly Jewish traits of his parents, and of Hillel, who most Jews honor and respect as a great leader and teacher.

Furthermore, the objective and impartial Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, wrote of the Essenes: "None among them can be found richer than another. It is their law that all who enter the sect must divide their property among the members of the society, with the result that there is never seen among them either abject poverty nor great wealth, for, since every man's possessions are put into the common treasury, they all have, like brothers, one inheritance.” And that was identical to what the disciple of Jesus did according to the Christian book of Acts.

Another significant thing about Hillel the Teacher of Righteousness was that according to some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, he was opposed by a "Wicked Priest" or "Man of Lies." That is confirmed by the Jerusalem Talmud, which states that Hillel was opposed by Shammai, who was a proud and militant zealot, while Hillel was a humble, peaceful, gentle man. Shammai denigrated and labeled Hillel as a "collaborator" and "sympathizer" who appeased Rome, even though in fact Hillel's attitude toward Rome was much like Jesus. Pay the devil his dues.

That’s why it is no surprise that following Hillel’s death, after Shammai became the head of the Jewish Sanhedrin, Jewish relations with the Romans became strained. For while Hillel, like Jesus, believed in peaceful coexistence with Romans, and that Jews and Greeks should "render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s," Sammai desired confrontation and conquest. That led to the Jewish rebellion and revolt of 66 C.E., which ended in disaster and the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Now, another reason we tell you about Hillel the Teacher of Righteousness is because he was regarded as a teacher only. He was not proclaimed as a Mashiach (Messiah) or Lord. But, according to the scrolls, the Essenes expected a reappearance of the Teacher of Righteousness, who would also be called "The Elect One," or "Chosen One," who would issue judgment on all nations, and especially on false and hypocritical religious leaders. And that is precisely what is written in Jeremiah 33:15-17, which Christians have assumed speaks of Jesus but does not.

Jesus essentially said: "I tell you the truth: I must go away, but I will send the Counselor to you. He will righteously judge the world; because I am going to heaven and you will see me no more. I came not to judge the world, but the rulers of this world must be judged. I have much more to say to you, but it is more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak of himself, because of himself he will do nothing but the will of the one who sent him. He will [write and] speak only what he hears from God, and he will tell you what is to come. He will glorify me by having what is mine and making it known to you." (Paraphrasing and clarifying John 8:28, John 12:47, and John 16:7-15)

Now, the principal messenger for the Spirit of truth is the modern son of man, the one chosen by God. And the terminology of the "elect and chosen one" is also used in the Book of Enoch. The title of son of man, the "anointed one" or the "Elect One," is emphasized in the Book of Enoch, and that was known by the Essenes, and by some of the original Christians.

That is important because in the original Greek version of Luke 9:35, it reads: "And a voice came from a cloud, saying: ‘This is my son, the Elect One: hear him.’" But, in spite of that, the King James Bible's English translation of Luke 9:35 omits that very important fact. It states: "And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, 'This is my beloved Son: hear him."

The English translator apparently wanted to make that verse in the book of Luke agree with verses in Matthew and Mark which said the same thing. And the New International Version of the Christian Bible is similar, even though it adds a phrase which makes it a little more accurate. It states: "A voice came from the cloud, saying, ‘This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.’"

The fact that Jesus or Yeshuah of Nazareth was regarded as an "Elect One" and "Chosen One" is crucial to understanding that Jesus was a son of man and a son of God, but not the only son of man, nor the only son of God.

He said God is "our Father," or spiritual Parent. And Jesus was literally a son of man, the son of Joseph, as is explained in the article about The Virgin Birth Story. And Jesus was one of many who have been called son of man, an Elect One chosen by God, in the Jewish messianic tradition.

The "Elect One" is a term found fourteen times in the Book of Enoch, which also refers to the Elect One as "The Chosen One," as the Book of Isaiah does. It is an elected and chosen one who "dwells in your midst," as promised by Moses, Enoch, Isaiah, and other prophets. (And this is different from the term "the elect" when it refers to numbers of people who are witnesses and servants called by God and found worthy to be chosen for specific but lesser missions.)

It is important to understand, however, that Jesus of Nazareth was not the "reappearance" of The Teacher of Righteousness, because Hillel the Elder was still alive when Jesus was born

Nor was Jesus the "chosen one" spoken of in the book of Enoch -- even though Jude 14-15 in the New Testament claims he was.

Even though the spiritually anointed Christ Jesus was an Elect One, it is another "Elect One" and chosen one, another son of man, who Jesus himself promised would come at the end of the age, but would "first suffer many things and be rejected by his generation."

As is explained in the article titled Prophecies Re: He Who Fulfills Them Jesus was not talking about himself in that instance, because Jesus was accepted by multitudes in his generation and suffered only at the very end of his life, not first or beforehand.

The elect, chosen one is a son of man, a man anointed by the Holy Spirit of God, and there have been and will be many. Hillel The Teacher of Righteousness was one. And, even though Jesus of Nazareth was more inclusive and knowledgeable about Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism, and went so far as to speak as an Avatar, as being One with God and speaking as and for the Ancient One, Jesus was also a son of man, an elect one in the Jewish tradition, chosen by God.

Christians have not been cognizant of that, and many Christians ignore that there were a good number of men before Jesus, and before Hillel, who were called son of man or Mashiach (Messiah). And now there is another one, and the modern son of man is the reappearance of The Teacher of Righteousness.

Now, it should be understood that the idea of "reappearance" is actually the idea of reincarnation, and it is a common theme in all religious writings, including Judaic and early Christian literature. Isaiah refers to reappearance of the historical Jacob by speaking of "bringing Jacob again." Elijah was expected by many Jews to reappear or return, and in the Christian Gospels Jesus is reputed to be Elijah come again. John the Baptist was thought to be "Elias come again." And, even Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, I am."

All those scriptural facts are indicative of a belief in reincarnation, similar to the Buddhist belief. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Jesus said the next son of man would be the main messenger for the Spirit of truth, and as such he would relay the testimony of Jesus, issue judgment, guide you to the truth, show you things to come, and glorify the Christ in heaven. (See John 8:28, John 12:47, and John 16:7-15)

That is confirmed by the fact that Jesus said he came "not to judge the world," but his "words" and "testimony" ultimately will issue judgment at the end of the age, through the Spirit of truth expressed by the modern son of man.

That is confirmed in John 12:47-48; John 16:7-15; Revelation 19:10 and other passages, and that is explained and clarified here in the article titled Prophecies Re: He Who Fulfills Them.

In other words, the prophecy of the "reappearance" of the Teacher of Righteousness has not been fulfilled until now. And the expectation of the return or reappearance or coming of one who will set things straight is as common to Judaism and original Christianity as it is in most other religions.

This time, however, the son of man comes like a thief in the night. He fulfills the most ancient prophecies. He is from your midst and of your brethren. He was first stricken and afflicted, suffers many things, and is rejected by his generation. He is hidden, does not cause his voice to be heard in public as an orator, but has sent his work before him in an electronic message, so it can be seen in a flash, like lightening, all over the world. And all this is in fulfillment of real prophecies.

It is up to you, however, to recognize the truth. You have the power, because it will be only the people, united, liberated and empowered by the Spirit of truth, who will actualize the teachings and bring about the reformation. The son of man merely shows the way, from behind the scenes, as a nobody.

Ultimately, you will recognize that this is the truth, because deep within you, you know the real truth. We must rise above Ego, and manifest the Spirit of Oneness.

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