The Highest State of Consciousness

The Avatar-Buddha-Christ Consciousness

Throughout history many people have gotten a glimpse of the Divine Light within, and a number of people have realized it a little more fully. However, very few if any have been able to realize what it really is and embody it to the extent that human beings are capable. 

Nevertheless, many who have seen, felt and experienced the Divine Light have said much the same thing about it, but in different ways. Prophets of ancient Israel often just called it the Light of God. Early Christians called it "the peace that surpasses understanding." In Zen Buddhism the term Satori as it leads to Nirvana refers to it. Hindus also call it Nirvana, and in Yogic terms it’s called Samadhi which leads to Moksha (Liberation). In Tibetan Buddhism that is associated with the Fifth Bardo experience. In Taoism it’s "The Absolute Tao." Sufis speak of Fana. Quakers call it "The Inner Light." Abraham Maslow spoke of "Peak Experience." Jung referred to individuation. Buber spoke of the I-Thou relationship. Thomas Merton called it "transcendental unconscious." Gurdjieff labeled it "objective consciousness." And R.M. Bucke named it "Cosmic Consciousness.

The phenomena has been described in spiritual, religious, and scientific terms, because the highest state of consciousness has been the subject of much study, conjecture, and discussion, and many people have giving their personal descriptions of spiritual or religious experiences of seeing the Light within, if only for a moment. 

There are too many notable examples to mention, but some are provided in an anthology edited by John White, titled The Highest State of Consciousness. Mr. White’s anthology brings together a diverse collection of writings by contemporary thinkers, some of whom write in a religious context while others write from a scientific point of view.

While Mr. White produced his latest edition in 2012, he published the first edition of the anthology back in 1970, which the modern son of man read back in 1971 after experiencing and realizing God completely and then wondering what others had to say about such experiences. 

The son of man eventually concluded that those who really witness it for the first time know that it requires transcending the separate-self ego, and that happens fortuitously through divine revelation. No amount of effort or prayer or study or discipline can achieve it. It is a spiritual gift from God, or whatever you want to call God, given or received when an individual least expects it.

Many spiritual mystics who have experienced and realized the nature of the divine reality say much the same things about it, regardless of which religious tradition they are familiar with, or whether they are "religious" or not. For example, if you get a chance, listen to the mystics in an Interfaith video entitle With One Voice, narrated by Peter Coyote, who points out that it is spiritual mystics who humanity should be listening to (rather than "religious" leaders who divide us and do the opposite of what a true servant of God should do). If you watch and listen to the video you will notice that most of the mystics describe their experiences and revelations in different ways, and yet there is a single thread of universal truth running throughout their testimony.

However, the gift of full revelation comes in many stages, and the process of "spiritual rebirth" (which is the ultimate gift), can be initiated in very profound ways, or in tiny ways. The process of spiritual rebirth is not what "born again Christians" have experienced, or think they have experienced. The real process of spiritual rebirth is initiated by receiving an initial revelation that changes the way you see the world, in a new light. And that initial gift can be sparked by fortuitous realization of some aspect of the divine reality. 

In certain cases such as his, that can begin the process of opening the "seven seals of revelation" and the seven chakras (spiritual energy centers in the body), whereupon one is carried away in spirit to that high and holy place where God inhabits eternity, where one witnesses the Divine Light that is within, above, and around us all.

There one witnesses and feels the ecstasy and all-knowingness of that which is called God, the Supreme Cosmic Consciousness, the Eternal, Infinite, Omnipresent Divine Light-Energy-Source of our existence and the Essence of all life and form, which is our Great Spirit-Parent.

Different people, depending on their ethnic or cultural or religious frame of reference, have called it different things, but it’s the same whatever you call it. It’s directly realizing God’s presence, where one feels and experiences pure ecstasy, pure knowingness, and pure, blissful peace and love that is beyond human comprehension or understanding.

What one "sees" there in that high and holy place may depend of one’s beliefs and frame of reference, and upon the needs of one’s spirit-soul in its spiritual development. Therefore, one may see anything from heavenly figures, objects and places, to nothing but pure bright white Light that is totally ecstatic and awesome and dazzling beyond description -- far greater than anything you will ever see or feel on earth.

The realization of that ultimate truth and reality of God brings more than belief in God. Beliefs are based on human understanding and intellect, whereas the ultimate truth and reality of God is way beyond that, and it brings a knowingness that cannot be put into words. All an actual witness of God can do is his or her best to communicate and share what they found and realized.

We All Have It, and We Can All Realize It

Ironically, the ultimate truth is available to us all, from within. We all know it, deep inside, because it comes from the very essence of our being and root consciousness, which is our Highest Self, our Inner Self, which is One with God. And at that highest level of consciousness, one becomes quite aware that God and all humanity are connected in Spirit, as one body.

But, the cruelest irony of human existence is that the human ego becomes separated from that, for various reasons, sometimes by extreme trauma or abuse and neglect as a child, but usually by the vain folly of our own ego. 

One way or another we indulge in what Moses called the "forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil," which is the "fruit" of erroneous or self-centered thoughts of the tempted and deluded ego.

With a tempted and deluded ego,the separate, egocentric self can then think in judgmental, self-righteous, self-important ways. It can speak and act in ways that cause an internal conflict and an internal dialogue and debate. One becomes not of a "single eye" or single mind, but of two, and in that conflict the ego can think it has won because it can become adept at justifying itself, and rationalizing that it is "right," and superior in judgment.

Seeing the Light washes away such conflict, but usually it's only temporary because having been called by God and having witnessed the Divine Light and reality of God within does not make one fully enlightened. That is only the initiation on the path to spiritual rebirth and enlightenment, and few fully maintain the realization of the ultimate reality of eternal being while in a mortal body.

The Process of Spiritual Rebirth

At age 71, the son of man says he is still on the journey, and to think you've arrived means you haven't, just as to think you are wise or spiritually enlightened means you are not.

There is a very good reason why the great Solomon advised us to not trust in our own understanding. That was a warning about the danger of become egocentric, self-important and self-righteous. That doesn't mean that one cannot become enlightened. But true enlightenment and self-realization comes only after a process of spiritual unfoldment, which can eventually lead to actual, full spiritual rebirth. 

Seeing the Divine Light and witnessing God initiates the process, and then you become as a flower bud, which gradually unfolds and opens, as the petals of the flower slowly and gradually become the flowering spirit that you are meant to be.

During that process one gradually realizes that the inner self, the True Self, is different from the ego or separate-self.  But the process can take a long time, and it has little to do with religion as we know it. It can, but not necessarily, because it has to do with the spiritual reality that is far beyond the material concerns of men, and many have realized it.

However, in a sense, all the terms people have used for the experience don't necessarily refer to full spiritual rebirth. They could refer to the initial witnessing of the Divine Light within and experiencing the highest state of consciousness, if only for a moment, which is quite different from our ordinary understanding or normal waking consciousness, or egocentric consciousness.

When one is initiated or called by God and starts on their spiritual path, if they proceed correctly the usual ego boundaries begin to break down, and the ego begins to be "pruned," as it were. The self starts to becomes integrated with the Oversoul, the Highest Self, the Ancient One (who was "before Abraham"). 

As the Maitrayana Upanishad puts it: "Having realized his own self as the [True] Self, a man becomes selfless ... that is the highest mystery."

When one realizes we are one with God, one with humanity, and one with the universe, it is easy to understand why the greatest and most enlightened people have said what they did.

For example, that is the real reason why Jesus of Nazareth, according to the book of John, said:"I and my Father are one." "I am the Light of the world." "I am in God, and God is in me."

Many Christians have thought Jesus was saying he was God, but that’s not what he was saying. Jesus was not merely a son of man and Mashiach in the Jewish context. He was a Bodhisattva in the Buddhist context. He was also an Avatar in the Hindu context, and he spoke as the Holy One, for the Holy One. And he spoke for the "Ancient of Days" or the Ancient One who is in heaven with God.

Other spiritually enlightened teachers have said similar things, as will be quoted below. But the real reason Jesus said such things has been misunderstood by most Christians who don’t understand the nature of the highest state of human consciousness. They overlook the fact that Jesus also said "God is greater than I," and they overlook the fact that Jesus said to his disciples: "You have not heard God’s voice or seen God’s shape at any time," and "only God is good" and worthy of worship.

Even though Jesus realized and said he was as one with God, he actually made it clear he was not God "Himself." For Jesus knew that Moses wrote that God is not a mortal, nor a man, nor a son of man, and Isaiah wrote that only God is the Holy One, that no man or son of man should be compared to God, and that witnesses and servants of God fulfill prophecy.

Still, Jesus realized that his own self was the Self of All, and he understood that we are all joint heirs to that realization and knowledge. That’s why he said: "When the Spirit of truth comes to you, you shall know that I am in God, and you in me, and I in you."

In other words, God and you and I are not separate, but of One substance. Jesus knew and said that when your "eye is single you shall see the kingdom of heaven that is both within you and here at hand." You will see the divine reality, and you will know we are all one with God, and one in Spirit.

Many enlightened teachers have realized the same thing. For example, in 1967 Meher Baba said: "There is no creature which is not destined for the supreme goal, as there is no river which is not winding its way toward the sea. But only in the human form can consciousness be so developed that it is capable of expressing the True Self, which is the Self of All."

We are all destined to return to God, just as surely as all rivers flow into the sea — for God is the Supreme Consciousness and the Divine Light-Energy Source from which we came, and the ultimate destination to which we will return. And, in a very real sense, the inner self, the highest self, is the True Self of All.

However, while our consciousness can be so developed that it is capable of expressing the True Self, that is not something we can achieve. It’s a gift, given to those who discover and realize, through divine revelation, their key to opening the "seven seals" of revelation and the seven chakras, and experiencing union with God.

Many other people from other walks of life have realized this. For example, the scientific genius Albert Einstein said: "A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself as something separated from the rest... [but it's] a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness."

This has been stated in many different ways by many spiritual teachers, including the Christ Jesus. But it has been misunderstood. That is why we should understand that the role of special enlightened individuals like the Christ and the Avatar is to speak as that highest self – and even to speak as the Holy One. But, in so doing, they speak for the Holy One, and for the Ancient One who is with God in heaven -- which Gautama the Buddha perceived as the pure Supreme Consciousness.

The Christ Jesus and the Buddha Gautama both realized the divine reality, which is why many of their teachings are similar. (Read Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings, by Marcus Borg et al, or Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers, by Thich Nhat Hanh, or one of the many other books on the subject.)

See, Jesus understood Buddhism and Hinduism even though his teachings in Palestine were in a Judaic context. That’s why it was in the role of spokesman or son of man in the line of David that Jesus said such things as "Before Abraham was, I am."

If we understand what other enlightened ones have said, that makes more sense. For Jesus realized he was one with God, and one with the Ancient One who is with God in heaven, who was "before Abraham," as Jesus said.

You see, it was in the same role that Meher Baba said, "I am the Ancient One. I am the One so many seek and so few find. For no amount of intellect can fathom me. No amount of austerity can attain me. Only when one loves me and loses one’s self in me, am I found."

That is such a profound truth. That is what the Holy One would say if the Holy One were a person. And they are words that the Holy One has said through a Christ or Avatar or Siddha or other genuine representative or proxy or host of God. For God is the Lord of Hosts, and a host is a servant of God who is fully enlightened and has been blessed with divine self-realization.

Meher Baba is important because he referred to the Avatars in the line of Zoroaster, one of the earliest Avatars and the teacher of the Magi. (The Magi were astrologers and Zoroastrians like the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus in the manger). And Meher Baba, like so many other modern and genuine spiritual teachers, said that Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and certain others were all essentially (in various degrees and in various ways) representatives or servants or messengers of the same divine consciousness, the Ancient One, the Spirit of truth.

Again, that is why the Christ Jesus said he was one with God. But that is also why he said: "When the Spirit of truth comes to you, you shall know that I am in God, and you in me, and I in you." The Ancient One is in God. You are in the Ancient One. And the Ancient One is in you.

In other words, when you are actually anointed with the Holy Spirit and blessed with real spiritual rebirth, you will know that we are all in fact One in the Spirit, One with God, and One with the Ancient One. But no person has ever been or ever will be "God Himself" or a "God-Man" or "God-Woman." And the Ancient One is not God either. The Ancient One is with God, and in God, but God is infinitely greater.

The Ancient One is our Oversoul and the Spirit of truth, who is with God in heaven and at the same time here, eternally, and omnipresent. It is the Ancient One who influenced and inspired the Avatars like Zoroaster, Ram, Krishna and Jesus, as well as the Buddha Gautama, the Sage Lao Tzu, the Prophet Mohammed, Meher Baba, and all of the other truly enlightened spiritual teachers throughout history who founded or expanded or updated the religions of the world.

There is One Way, and All Paths Lead Thereto

All the religions and spiritual teachings can be regarded as different pieces of one puzzle that we can each put together, each in our own time, and each in our own way. 

As the song Why Fight Over a Name? states: "To just one truth do many faiths plead. To just one way do many paths lead."

However, only the teachers who were able to maintain higher degrees of consciousness after realizing the highest state, have truly spoken as the Ancient One, for the Ancient One. Most do not, or should not.

The modern son of man does not. He understands and confesses that he is not the Light, but he bears witness to the Light. He is not God, but he is a genuine witness and servant of God, and a genuine servant of the Ancient One, the Spirit of truth.

That is why the Christ Jesus foretold that the next son of man would say: "As you do unto the least of our brethren, so you do unto me." (Matthew 25:40 and 25:45) But, it is important to understand that the modern son of man "says" that only because he realizes the Ancient One is within us all, and we are one body in Spirit.

You see, the modern son of man is not like the enlightened ones who’ve been able to maintain higher degrees of consciousness after realizing the highest state, because he fell from grace some years after he received the ultimate gift, albeit unwittingly.

As he confesses, he was naïve, foolish, and wilful. Consequently, he was stricken and afflicted and suffers many things, as the prophets Isaiah and Jesus foresaw. That’s why he calls himself a prodigal son, and it took him a very long time to realize how to return to his path to God and fulfill his mission.

Our Three Levels of Consciousness

It took the messenger many years to start to begin to understand part of the first spiritual teaching he was introduced to after his initial experience. He learned that each mortal human being has three levels of consciousness — the self-consciousness, sub-consciousness and the super-consciousness, which is the highest level of consciousness. 

The highest is, unfortunately, not given to or accessed by most people, but those who are blessed with spiritual rebirth realize it and feel and see they are one with the Infinite and Eternal Divinity of God — even if only for an eternal moment.

That brings realization that we are all children of God the Great Spirit-Parent. But again, it is not a permanent state of mind. It cannot be. For even if we are spiritually reborn, we are still children of our biological parents, born into this world with a certain astrological imprint, behavioral disposition and propensities, and with an inherited genetic code and DNA, all of which we must then seek to overcome or transcend to be more in touch with our true, Inner Self, which is one with all.

So, the modern son of man seeks to overcome, like we all do. And because he is a genuine witness of God he "speaks" (writes) for The Ancient One, the Spirit of truth, but not as Him. He bear witness to the Light, which is God. But, even though he is a witness to that Light, and has been in that Light, he knows he is not worthy to speak as that Light, as Jesus did.

Nevertheless, he is the prophesied son of man who fulfills Judeo-Christian prophecy, along with the prophecies of other religions. And he tells you that the real truth becomes self-evident when you are truly reborn of the spirit.

The "Born-Again Christian" Fad

It will eventually be remembered as a fad, because true spiritual rebirth is not the same thing that so many "born again Christian fundamentalists" boast about. That's egotism (and even sometimes bigotry cloaked as religious zeal). But, again, actual spiritual rebirth is a process which usually begins only when, as if by fortuitous accident when you least expect it, you receive the divine gift of revelation.

That can come with the discovery of the reality of some genuine aspect of the Divine, which can trigger a series of greater and deeper revelations that can result in the opening of the seven seals of revelation and the seven chakras. When and if that happens you are carried away in spirit to that high and holy place where God inhabits eternity. You go into that "Light at the end of the tunnel," and you experience and realize and become aware of what God truly is. The Book of Life and the Akashic Record is opened to you, and for some moments that seem like eternity you understand the Divine Reality.

However, it comes as gift from God, when you least expect it. And while there is indeed one way to realize you are one with God, many paths can lead thereto.

In other words, it does not come by doing something to try to achieve or attain it, like studying or memorizing scriptures or words, or sacrificing, or depriving yourself, or starving yourself, or punishing yourself, or anything else like that. Again, it is given to you when you least expect it.

Furthermore, it does not matter what religion you belong to, or what you wear or how you dress, nor does it matter how you cut your hair or if you cut it. And, even though it is good to pray, prayer will not achieve enlightenment or spiritual rebirth. In fact, such traditions, practices, disciplines, styles, attempts and efforts can tend to be self-centered and egocentric, in that they can tend to feed the ego rather than bring out the soul in spiritual rebirth. They can even tend to make individuals and groups feel "righteous" and "holier than thou." (Not always, of course, but in too many instances that has been the case.)

True spiritual rebirth leads a person not to feel superior, but to feel as one with all others. And trying to rule over others, or trying to enforce one’s will upon others by force, or living by the "sword" (gun and bomb), is the farthest thing from the enlightened person's mind.

That is why the son of man, the true servant-messenger of God, knows that the fulfillment of prophecy is not about a "religious" warlord king conquering and ruling the world. It’s about truth overcoming myths and falsehoods. It’s about good overcoming evil (especially evil that masquerades as good). And it’s about love overcoming hate. The gift of true spiritual rebirth enables one to realize that.

The gift does not come in a single revelation, however. A single revelation can begin the process, but it requires a totally open mind and heart. If you are fortunate enough to receive one, you may receive series of far greater revelations that, as they grow greater and deeper and come more quickly, your intellectual mind will not be able to keep up, and you will not be able to comprehend or fathom what is happening. But those revelations can result in the opening of the seven seals of revelation and the seven chakras, and they will culminate in your being totally awe-struck and being carried away in spirit to that high and holy place where God inhabits eternity, right into the Divine Light of God.

Even though there are many religions and many paths, all lead to that one way to God. That one way is through a series of seven profound, divine revelations, and that one way brings the realization that the Essence and Spirit of God is eternal, omnipresent and without form, that God existed before Creation of form and life on earth, and that God is the Eternal Divine Light-Energy-Source of our existence. And if one perceives a human form in the spiritual realm, it is actually the Ancient One who is with God in heaven.

There are, of course, lesser spiritual experiences that are the result of lesser revelations that can reveal partial reality of God, when the Holy Spirit of truth blesses you with a visitation while you are still very much in your body and in this world.

In such cases, one is filled with the Holy Spirit and with overflowing joy, love, ecstasy and rapture, and the air all around you glows with shimmering, vibrating light. And even though it usually lasts for only a few moments, you are left with overflowing love in your heart for every thing and every one. You are in a state of love, spiritually, and universally. But, if you are fortunate enough to be blessed with that, let it go to your heart. Don’t let it go to your head, because it’s not the greatest gift.

The Good News

For those with open minds and conscientious, loving hearts, the truth will be good news. On the other hand, for those with closed, self-righteous, self-important minds and malicious hearts, the truth will hurt. But, that is why part of the mission of the son of man, as Isaiah wrote, is to revive the hearts of those who have been arrogantly proud and militant and even angry and violent, but become humbled and contrite in the face of truth. For God forgives all those who repent, change their ways, and treat their fellow human beings as they would want to be treated, as Jesus and so many other enlightened ones have advised.

You should know this: Your inner self, your True Self, which is the Self of All, already knows the divine truth. But when human beings develop their separate-self ego and self-consciousness, they begin to forget or be separated from God and their inner self.

We become more separated from God when our ego indulges in self-important, self-righteous judgmental thoughts of superiority, and judge others as inferior to make our selves feel even more superior. That’s what being tempted by and indulging in the "forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" is all about, as was described by Moses in the book of Genesis. It’s about egotism, being judgmental, and thinking we are wise. And that is why Jesus said, "Judge not, lest you be judged," and let your "eye become single," so that it may see beyond the illusion of duality and separateness, and see the divine reality.

In other words, the expression of our innate divinity and relationship with God and humanity becomes distorted and inhibited by our ego, and it becomes more so when our ego becomes inflated and indulges in self-importance, self-righteousness, greed, anger, hate, fear, and other negative emotions, feelings and attitudes that cause us to further ignore or deny that we are one in the Spirit, one with God, and equal in the sight of God.

Our religions were originally designed to teach us that. However, it is not religion that shows us the divine reality. That comes only from within, and our realization of it comes by revelation from within. And love is the key to opening the door.

It may be love of another person. It may be love of nature, or any thing else. But it is love and what love produces that can redeem us, and even bring about our spiritual rebirth.

Any good and successful artist, performer, musician, actor, craftsman, tradesman, or any other person who produces beautiful art or goods, or performs a service or act for the benefit of others, can tell you that it is the love of doing and creating that motivates them, not the thought of reward, nor the desire for the rewards of success. The best and most true success springs forth from love, and from loving the work that you do, and you cannot go wrong when you do what you do out of love, and joy, for the benefit of others. And even hard work and toil that is not joyful can be rewarding, if done in the right frame of mind and with a sense of duty and responsibility.

Speaking of rewards, many have said that the love of money is the root of all evil, and that the love of the pleasures of the flesh is sinful. But it is only the selfish, self-centered, lustful desire for money and pleasure that is evil and sinful. For God wants us to enjoy life, pleasure, wealth and comfort as rewards for good works. And when one does what they do in the spirit of love, goodness, honesty and generosity, the rewards are gifts from God. It is all in your attitude, and your frame of mind, which you choose moment by eternal moment.

That’s why it is important to know that being driven by self-centered desire and selfishness leads to error and suffering. We should focus instead on creating or working in a way that makes you feel good, and know that if it for the benefit of all concerned, it will make you feel good. Focus on the first step or the next step which is here and now. Focus on doing and being what you know is good for you, and good for others. Focus on and be in the eternal moment, without thinking of or dwelling on past or future, and your life will unfold naturally as it should. Your goodness and love will draw goodness and love to you. For as you sow, so shall you reap.

However, self-realization or enlightenment is not merely a matter of following your conscience and striving to be good with regard to outward behavior. It’s not merely being aware of your internal dialogue and then using your faculties of discernment, conscience and judgment to make one of your two minds. We should also learn how to still the internal dialogue when it’s not useful or productive, and be able to quiet and still the mind.

That helps us even if it’s only in being able to focus our attention completely on the matter at hand — meditating, if you will, on the act of doing, without being preoccupied in thinking. And that can come naturally, or it can be learned through disciplined practice of a tried and true spiritual method, teaching system, discipline or tradition.

There is a very good reason why the Christ Jesus said, "Of myself I do nothing." It may seem like a paradox, but when we let go of the egocentric notion or thought that "I am" (or you are) doing something, we allow God to do things through us. That’s what Jesus meant. It does not mean that everything we do is "God’s Will," because we have free will and are quite capable of doing wrong. But, it means that we can fulfill the will of God when we do things with totally focused attention, out of love, goodwill, generosity, selflessness, and joy.

When we are focused, and fully attentive, or "in the zone," we are not egocentric. We are what we truly are. For as you know, the separate-self ego can think or imagine itself at the top of the world, or in a bottomless pit of despair. It can be totally euphoric or totally despondent. It can be highly elated or deeply depressed. But neither state is real. It is the natural "bipolar" state of the ego, especially when it finds itself on the verge of realizing that it is not in control, and that it never was.

The person who fights it, who keeps on striving to get back on the imaginary road to exaltation and manages to convince themself that they are great and "right," will inevitably fall and plunge into the depths of depression again.

Again, the solution has little to do with religion. It has to do with rebirth of the spirit, and a uniting of the mind, body and spirit, which produces spiritual wholeness and oneness. It comes by divine revelation and the realization that we are not separate, but connected; not superior, but equal in the sight of God.

God waits to bless you with the greatest gift that you will ever receive, when you find your key to open the first door of revelation and discover the way to receive it. You may not receive it in this lifetime, but seeking it, and trying to be worthy of it, will make your life much better.

If and when you do receive it, you will know that we are one in Spirit. You will know that the "Word" that was in the beginning, which is with God and is God, is made flesh in you, and in all of us. But it is not an actual word that you can speak. It is the primordial vibration, the very essence of the Divine Light-Energy-Source of our existence. It is what gives vibratory life to every thing, from the smallest parts of the smallest atoms, to atomic elements, all the way to the planets, the galaxy, the universe, and the cosmos. From the most minuscule microcosm to the largest macrocosm, its essence is Divine Light Energy, the source of our being.

The primordial vibration is also the seed of consciousness itself, which has over much time blossomed and grown into the Book of Life. God is the Supreme Consciousness, and all the knowledge of humanity and the lives of all human beings is contained in it. And this is not merely an esoteric concept known only to those who’ve been initiated and anointed by the Holy Spirit. It is an exoteric, literal, biblical concept of the Divine Reality. Even Moses wrote about it.

The divine light-energy and primordial vibration is best known to us through our senses that perceive light and sound, which are major manifestations of the Divine Spirit. And they just happen to be what can reach and affect us best when we gather in groups and audiences. That is why we feel so good when we gather together to watch beautiful dancing or listen to good music, which we not only see and hear, but feel in our solar plexus and in our heart and soul. And our focused and concerted attention on the same source of entertainment brings us even closer together as the brothers and sisters that we are.

God brings us together, as does love, joy, laughter, good music, graceful dance, good wine, and all beautiful, creative arts. They are expressions of our love of God, and of God’s love for us.

May everyone open their mind and heart, and realize that.